Customer Experience Design (CX)

A holistic approach to customer engagement and digital tools.

What is customer experience design or CX?
Designing for the entirety of a customer’s experience with a company or brand. It’s the process of honing in on all touchpoints that a customer can and will interact with a brand to create the optimal experience.
More commercially focused than UX design, CX adopts a broader view and concentrates closer to areas such as marketing campaigns, customer service and consistency.
Linear focus

Customer Focus

Not simply designing for a singular experience, it is important to design for all customers. This refers to prospects, partners and users who will at some point interact with the company or brand.

Thinking Outside the Product

All touchpoints are considered. This includes customer interactions with marketing, sales, customer service, support, learning services, and the product itself.

Challenging Assumptions

Change is inevitable and it’s important to stay relevant. By utilising data and research, we can challenge internal assumptions and advocate for the customer.

Customer Journey

CX designers often use a customer journey map to gain a comprehensive idea of a customer’s experience with the brand. The customer journey map tells the story of different customers’ touchpoints with a brand—as seen from the customers’ points of view. For each customer segment, the customer journey map shows a timeline detailing the customer’s interaction with the brand at various touchpoints, often also describing emotions, motivations, and context. A customer journey map can help identify gaps in the customer experience. As such, it is a good tool for placing customers’ experiences and needs at the center of an organization.

Regarding the design of interactive products, a solid appreciation for how the cultivated image of an organization such as Apple translates to usability—and popularity—of its products will prove helpful in keeping a brand design firmly focused on the targeted users.

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