User Experience Design (UX)

Solving problems through empathy.

What is user experience design or UX?
Multi-faceted, UX design is a concept that is inclusive of many different disciplines - such as information architecture, visual design, accessibility design, animation and interaction design and human-computer interaction.
It is the process of designing a product or service and enhancing the human experience people have while interacting with it.
Some UX tools


The starting point of any project, research provides the foundation for design as it allows us to avoid assumptions and make decisions from a logical, rational but also empathic place. We learn about the user’s behaviours, goals, motivations and needs.


Low fidelity representations of a design help to dissociate the interactions from the aesthetics. They’re the backbone of the product or service and are used as a guide for the development.


Conducting testing is necessary to observe your user’s behaviours. Witnessing the struggles a user goes through is a powerful trigger for creating empathy, allowing for feedback you otherwise would not receive through traditional methods.

Growth and iteration

UX design is a necessity in our modern day. It’s the process of consistent and continuous iteration. Even though a product and service may be the best it can be in the present, it should be prepared to continue to grow in the future.

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