Creation & Ideation Workshopping

A methodical process to optimise creativity.

What is Creation & Ideation Workshopping?
Every single business, product, campaign, project and plan begins with an idea. Bringing the right idea to life is a long and challenging process. Innovation isn’t easy - that’s why we workshop.
Workshopping is a powerful tool when used correctly, it refreshes the mind and helps to bring you out of stale modes of thought. Even the sharpest of minds get dull over time.
Ideation workshop include:

Challenge existing assumptions

Everything is a perspective and there’s no singular truth. Assume that you’re able to overcome and challenge all assumptions and you’ll break existing conventions. Consider how things should be, how they should work and what might be preventing the positive change we seek.

Problem Framing

By continuing to reframe a stated problem and asking questions you probe deeper into the underlying issues. It’s an iterative process of changing the scope of the problem and framing it from different perspectives.

Reverse Thinking

By thinking in the opposite logical direction you may be able to come up with new innovative ideas. Creating ‘negative’ challenges that are perhaps more fun than the original idea.

The role of Creation & Ideation Workshopping

Workshopping isn’t just a brainstorm, it’s a cultivated way of thinking to let go of old conventions and ideas. It serves as a way to push people to think differently. While the process may be considered creative, ideation is in fact a skill that can be learned and practiced. Its aim is to simply optimise the brainstorming process with various techniques. You’re introducing new stimuli to excite people’s brains in a new way.

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