User Flow Discovery

From entry to end, plan your user’s journey.

Actionable flow
The visual representation for your prototypical user’s path through an experience. It is the individual steps taken from the entry point of the task to the final outcome or action. In order to make sense of how your user might pursue an outcome a user flow helps in gaining an in-depth understanding of their experience.
Unlike other visual diagrams representing a user’s journey, it does not assume a single predetermined path.
User sequence

The sequence of steps the user is required to take in order to accomplish a task

The visual representation of a user’s path with a prerequisite goal

The visualisation or flowchart of the multiple interactions a user needs to take to complete a specific task.

Pinpoint flow

Websites and applications screens would be a jumbled mess without proper direction. The user flow is the basis for the content requirements that appear. It provides answers to questions regarding functionality and accessibility issues and requirements. And if there are ever issues with the user experience, having a clearly defined user flow allows you to troubleshoot and pinpoint exactly where things might be going wrong.

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