User & Customer Analysis

Capture and analyse data to power your profits.

What is User & Customer Analysis?
Users are becoming increasingly sophisticated as technology continues to advance. They expect a seamless experience, faster responses and have less attention to spare.
With the use of software we’re now able to gain insight into our user’s behaviour, further improving our products to cater to the modern consumer.
Customer analysis

Customer satisfaction analysis

A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis allow us to know whether or not your customers are satisfied with your product or service. We assess whether the user is achieving their goals, if they are satisfied or unsatisfied.


Customer segmentation analytics

Customers aren’t infinite so we divide them into various segments. Assessing the user and tailoring the marketing and communication efforts to the most likely buyers.


Web analytics

Analysing online behaviours and patterns allow us to increase retention time, engagement and sales. Both on and off-site web analytics are useful for measuring commercial results and marketing opportunities.

Visible data

We want full visibility of your users. What they do and how they flow through your sites and applications. We’re able to understand the users as individuals as well as by trends, dividing them by interest, behaviours and their own unique journeys. Measurable and trackable data gives us the ability to make questions objective, giving them clear and defined answers.

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