Beautiful and unique design for brand connection and customer belonging.

Visualising your idea

From data to design. All the research, workshops and strategising we do coalesces into design.

In order to communicate creatively we visualise your digital identity, develop your digital presence and establish an experience that is elegant and intuitive. More than purely designing for the visual aesthetics of your business it’s just as important to design the intangible, the subconscious.

A human-centric design focus is necessary to guarantee your users a fulfilling experience.

The complexities

It isn’t simply designing visual style guides, typefaces and colours, it’s more complex than that. Every circumstance is unique, each project is an individual with different needs and requirements.

It’s an integration of creative ideas and user experience that manifests as a complete and intricate identity.

In order to appeal to your users the relevancy and representation of your business matters. There’s purpose in being conscientious of the design - by treating the content as meaningful experience it only serves to increase and add value to the overall identity.

Synthesising the results

Putting pen to paper, generating and brainstorming ideas, the process begins traditional. There’s no better time to iterate the design than the beginning. At this stage we’ll put the paper to work and expand the scope of design.

Once consolidated among all stakeholders involved the designs will be further matured until it goes from a concept to a creative solution.

Our design services:

User Experience Design (UX)

Multi-faceted, UX design is a concept that is inclusive of many different disciplines - such as information architecture, visual design, accessibility design, animation and interaction design and human-computer interaction.

User Interface Design (UI)

UI Design refers not only to visual user interfaces but also includes, gesture and voice controlled ones too. It is the initial point of access for users to interact with the design.

Customer Experience Design (CX)

Designing for the entirety of a customer’s experience with a company or brand. It’s the process of honing in on all touchpoints that a customer can and will interact with a brand to create the optimal experience.

Accessibility Design (AA/AAA)

A set of constraints which has functional and practical inclusive uses but gives new ideas for us to explore. It’s the accessibility requirements that not only widens the scope of users but also raises the quality of interaction with all users.

Visual Communication

Visual communication is a broad spectrum of forms. There are many ways aside from two dimensional images to express ideas and information visually - gestures and body language, animation, film, etc.

Digital Brand Transformation

Not simply a one-off transformation or singular initiative, we aim to transform across all dimensions of the brand experience. A fundamental shift to a new experience that can sustain future brand success.

Photography & Video Production

Now more than ever is a time when people expect their visual senses to be stimulated. Online, in print, on TV, in video, there is an expectation for imagery to be stunning and sensory.

Animation & Interaction Design (IxD)

Any point of interaction between user and product is meticulously thought out and designed for. What we strive for is enabling users to achieve their objectives in the best possible way.

Mobile Application Design

Our approach to application software takes advantage of the limitations and restrictions built inherently to mobile. We’re able to create features that are custom from start to finish, giving the user an experience unlike desktop.